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Uptown Charlotte's
fitness oasis

From pickleball and group fitness to luxury locker rooms and laundry service, enjoy everything this 30,000 sq ft fitness club has to offer.

Barre & Yoga with a view, state-of-the-art equipment and our luxurious amenities, each detail is curated to exceed expectations.

The One Athletics Experience

. Sleek Personal Lockers

Stow your gear in style. Our personal lockers are your private haven in a bustling world.

. The Serenity of Sauna

Step into blissful heat, let your muscles unwind, and emerge refreshed. Our sauna is your quiet corner for post-workout recovery.

. Chiropractic Excellence In-House

Align your spine as you align your goals. Our chiropractic services are the perfect complement to your fitness routine.

Group classes, sports leagues and more ways to recover.

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1 Sweat

In this sanctuary, sweating is a joyous celebration of your body's capabilities, set against the backdrop of uptown Charlotte.

2 Recover

Find tranquility in our sauna, indulge in personalized locker services, or seek the expert care of our onsite chiropractor.

3 Shine

The culmination of day at One Athletics, when you carry the brilliance of your achievements from our doors into the world.

Give your fitness a luxury upgrade.

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Be Exclusive. Be Exemplary.
Be One.

It’s your day to shine among the city's finest.

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Personal Training — Tailored to You

Our personal trainers don't just guide; they care. Our programs are not just tailored to your goals; they're designed to transform you. Every rep is a step closer to the you, you're aiming for.

Your workout is more than just a routine.

A day packed with meetings and deadlines makes finding time for yourself a constant quest for balance. Now, think about having a retreat, right in the center of uptown, where every detail caters to you.

  • 10k+ sq ft of equipment
  • Group classes & sports
  • Sauna, lockers & laundry service

Have a question?

Feel free to reach out or come visit us in the One South building.